A Publication of the American Pomological Society. April 1977 - Volume 31, #2

Book Review

"Southmeadow Fruit Gardens
Choice and Unusual Varieties for the Connoisseur and Home Gardener"

(an illustrated catalog)

Southmeadow Fruit Gardens is solely owned and operated by Peter Grootendorst.


The plants offered for sale in the catalog are now propagated and shipped by Peter Grootendorst. The 1976 catalog contains numerous descriptions of apple, pear, peach, plum, cherry, quince, grape, and gooseberry varieties, many of them unavailable from other sources. It includes many beautiful black and white prints of fruits reproduced from old classic, pomological books, as well as photographs,descriptions are often quite detailed, yet presented in a most interesting and intimate style, as if telling about dear friends. They are usually personal observations, as well as those of noted pomologists, both past and present. The origin of each variety is noted, to the extent that the author could determine, which gives the catalog a uniquely historical flavor.

If you enjoy old, rare fruit varieties, and those of high dessert quality; if you enjoy pomological history, and beautiful old prints of fruits, treat yourself to a copy of the Southmeadow Fruit Gardens illustrated catalog.

- G. M. Kessler

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